Denfield, Rosalee and Rory McNab started this business as they saw a need to create jobs and to  offer quality products to the people of Belize. 

It is with the deepest sadness that I am telling you that Rosalee passed away on June 7, 2016. We miss her so very much.

Bel *Aqua is in operation for more than 10 years,  purifying water and now making Chef's Choice Premium White Distilled Vinegar plus Bluefield Coconut Oil.  We will soon be offering high quality Ice, in small cubes that won't leave a deposit when its melted in your cup. Your drinks will be good to the last drop.

 The Coconut oil is in a new package that allows the chef to not waste the oil by pouring it out but to use a measuring spoon.  Also in the winter, when it starts to coagulate, it will be easier to spoon out instead of trying to  place it near to the stove burner that is lit to melt it.

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